About Messy Lines

Julia Johnson profile pictureHello, I’m Julia.  And I think art is pretty awesome.

Messy Lines has been inspired by multiple conversations with friends, family and strangers which can be summed up as: “that art’s a load of bollocks, isn’t it?” .  That idea that artists are ‘having us all on’, that galleries and the people who support them are ‘pretentious’.  You know the type of thing.

The thing is, once upon a time it was me saying this.  As I will freely admit, my own artistic skills (in terms of technique) leave a lot to be desired, and always have.  In school this meant that even though we have the luxury of trips to London galleries, I was not one of the pupils worth discussing any of it with.  The message seemed clear: art was not “my thing”.

Then I went to university and had to study History of Art as a first year module and my eyes were opened to being able to talk about art.  I was able to see art not just as something you look at in a gallery because it’s good, but something made by people who have ideas, feelings, thoughts, and have chosen to express them through making something.  And that as a person who also has feelings and thoughts, I can have opinions on art.

With Messy Lines, I am trying to be a voice that cares about art from outside of the art world.  I make time for art and to go to museums and galleries because I believe that it’s important, that it helps me make sense of the world and reflect on universal, sometimes brutal, truths about the human condition.

I am not saying “this IS GOOD” objectively, but “this is what *I* like, and here’s why”.  I am trying to give some context for you, as a reader, to be able to look beyond the outward form and want to stimulate conversation which I believe can enrich all of our lives.

When I’m not in galleries I can mostly be found at work, in the pub, or occasionally trying to get fit.